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Example tree

The tree

bEasy stores all your bookmarks in a tree, just like most browsers. An example is shown at the left.

bEasy uses frames to separate your bookmarks from your `content'--the part of your browser where web pages appear. When you first start bEasy, your bookmarks and your content will appear `docked'--that is, side-by-side as frames within one browser window.

To open a link in your content frame, just click that bookmark in the bookmarks frame.

You can hit the `Undock' link at the bottom of the bookmarks frame to move it off into a separate window.

To expand or collapse a subtree, click on the `+' or `-', respectively. To collapse or expand or everything, click on the minimize or maximize icon at the top.

Use the `Edit' link to change the name or URL of a bookmark, or to move it from one folder to another. Also, you can rearrange bookmarks within a folder from here. See Editing bookmarks.

Use the `New' link to add a new bookmark from scratch. You'll have to type in the full URL to add and a name for the new bookmark.

The `About' link will take you back to the home screen, which offers information about bEasy and bookmarklet links you may want to add to your browser.


Adding a bookmark

Adding bookmarks

You can add a new bookmark at any time by hitting the `New' link at the bottom of the tree. That will take you to the screen at the right, where you can fill in the URL, the name for the bookmark, and tell bEasy which folder to put the new bookmark into.

But that's usually not the easiest way to add a bookmark. If you've already browsed to a site that you want to bookmark, you can use the bookmarklets posted on the bEasy front page to add or file a bookmark for the current page with a single click. This does mean, though, that you'll have to add those bookmarklets to your local browser before you use them.

The edit display

Editing bookmarks

The `Edit' link will take you to this screen, which lists all of your bookmarks in a nested list. Each bookmark is followed by two links.

`mod' will take you back to the add screen, so you can change the name, URL, or parent folder for that bookmark.

`del' will delete that bookmark or folder immediately. Be careful--there is no `OK' button and no way to undo. If you delete a folder, all the bookmarks in that folder will be deleted with it.

Folders have a third link--`sort'--which will let you change the order of the bookmarks within that folder. Note that you can only do this if your browser supports JavaScript.